10 Sexiest Female Celebrities Who Used To Be Men!!!(Photos)


#1 Ines Rau

Mostly known for her steamy photoshoot with Tyson Beckford for France’s OOB Magazine, she’s currently one of the hottest transgender models in the world.




#2 Laverne Cox

Best known for her role as Sophia Burset on the hit Netflix show Orange is the New Black, Cox was the first transgender person to ever be nominated for a Primetime Emmy Award.




#3 Amanda Lepore

NYC entertainer Amanda Lepore is one of the world’s biggest transgender icons and is the muse of David LaChappelle.



#4 Andreja Pejić

As Andrej, he rose to fame as a male supermodel who modeled both male and female clothing before having sex reassignment surgery in 2014, changing her name and announcing that she wished to be recognized as a woman.




#5 Carmen Carrera

Carmen Roman, better known by her stage name Carmen Carrera is an American reality television personality, model, burlesque performer, and actress.




#6 Janet Mock

Former People staff editor Janet Mock became a woman at age 18 and came out publicly as a woman in a Marie Claire article in 2011.



#7 Lea T

Lea T is a native of Brazil, and one of the world’s  favorites in the fashion modeling industry. She is most known as having been the Muse of Givenchy.




#8 Isis King

King was a contestant on both the 11th cycle and the 17th cycle of the reality television showAmerica’s Next Top Model. She was the first trans woman to compete on the show



#9 Caroline Cossey

A British actress and model who starred as a Bond girl in For Your Eyes Only and modeled for Playboy, she was outed as transgender by the British tabloid The News of The World, after appearing in the Bond movie in 1981.



#10 Lana Wachowski

Rumors that Lana Wachowski, then still identifying as Larry, was transitioning from male to female spread in the early 2000s, though neither sibling spoke directly on the subject at the time.  Lana is the first major Hollywood director to come out as transgender.



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